26 Jan 2015

More hints at end of New Caledonia deadlock

3:01 pm on 26 January 2015

A small New Caledonian party says to the end the political stalemate, the pro-independence side should go ahead and decide who is best suited to be the president.

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New Caledonia politicians cannot agree on president Photo: AFP

The territory has been without a president since mid-December amid entrenched diasagreements within the anti-indepedence coalition, which can no longer agree on who should be president.

The pro-independence parties have abstained in the two attempts to elect a new president, which means the government is in caretaker mode only.

Victor Tutugoro of the Progressive Melanesian Union has told the local newspaper that the various pro-independence parties should break the deadlock by supporting the rival camp candidate most likely to advance the reforms.

He says this should be done by the end of next week, echoing suggestions by another pro-independence party which said a plan to end the deadlock would be made public soon.

Mr Tutugoro has dismissed calls for fresh general elections, saying the communues, the provinces and the territory's Congress work normally.