23 Jan 2015

Marshalls brace for more king tides

3:10 pm on 23 January 2015

The Marshall islands is bracing for more king tides which are expected from tomorrow according to the Pacific Islands Ocean Observers Indundation Forecast.

Residents in Majuro already had their first tidal surges for the year on Wednesday with roads in the capital left strewn with debris and authorities reporting flooding on the remote islands of Kili, Itrik and Ailuk.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says Wednesday's tidal surges have left a big clean-up job for residents in the capital with more king tides forecast for February as well.

"Sometimes they put an alert out and we see almost, you know, very little and other times it's serious so it's very hard to know. But I think since these events have become, I guess semi-regular, I mean we are having several a year now. So you know people are more aware of this occurrence."