23 Jan 2015

Deadly measles outbreak hits remote PNG region

7:47 am on 23 January 2015

A remote region of Papua New Guinea bordering the provinces of Enga and East Sepik has been hit by a deadly measles outbreak.

The Post Courier reports there have been six deaths of children under the age of three in Nete region in the past two weeks.

While the deaths were reported at two villages close to the airstrip in Malaumanda, locals warn that deaths among the 7,000 people in the sparsely populated area could be high.

The Malaunmanda Landowners Association has been lobbying to organise for a medical team from Wabag to attend to the outbreak although it says the response by health officials in both provinces has been slow.

Meanwhile, in a separate story, the newspaper reports that police and missionaries recently saved four women in Enga linked to witchcraft.

The women were in danger of being killed as they were accused of killing people in the area where the measles epidemic has caused deaths.