23 Jan 2015

American Samoa former director accused of fraud and bribery

7:13 am on 23 January 2015

The former director of the American Samoa Department of Human Resources is being accused of wire fraud and bribery.

Evelyn Langford is alleged to have accepted US $250 thousand from Quin Rudin, an official of the Native Hawaiian Holding Company.

The company was contracted in 2012 to develop a Call Center industry in the territory, with the contract worth 4 point 7 million dollars from the federal National Emergency Grant program of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Prosecutors allege that between April 2012 and the end of that year, Evelyn Langford accepted gifts and payments totaling at least $250,000 from Mr Rudin, and then took steps to conceal that activity.

Prosecutors allege that $250,000 was wire transferred from NHHC's bank in northern California to Evelyn Langford's bank in Texas.

Prosecutors have declined to comment on the case, and the defendant could not be reached for comment.