21 Jan 2015

Kiribati a work in progress regarding human rights

9:10 pm on 21 January 2015

The Office of the United Nations High Commissoner for Human Rights in the Pacific says while Kiribati has made progress, there is still work to be done around the area of rights.

HR Officer Satya Jenning's comments come after Kiribati faced its 2nd UN human rights review this week.

The island nation received commendation for its work in establishing a Human Rights Taskforce, creating a Ministry for Women and Youth and various legislative changes like the Family Peace and Education Acts.

However Ms Jennings says concerns were also brought to the UN's attention.

"Domestic violence and protection of women and children including in the context of prostitution and trafficking. Access to primary education. Lack of accession to key international instruments including the ICCPR, convention against torture and ICC as well as concerns over freedom of expression and opinions."

Kiribati will be reviewed in four years and Ms Jennings says it is hoped it will have implemented even more legislative changes by then.