21 Jan 2015

Guam homeless survey is more than data

5:46 pm on 21 January 2015

The Guam Homeless Coalition says it will carry out its annual survey of the territory's homeless on Friday next week, with more volunteers coming forward to help with the count.

homless man


According to the 2014 survey, Guam has a homeless population of 1,365 persons which was an increase of more than 300 over 2013.

The Chairperson of the Guam Homeless Coalition, Margaret Hattori-Uchima, says the annual survey is essential in the provision of services to the homeless.

She says this helps not only in providing care but also getting homeless families and individuals off the streets.

" To be able to get a child off the streets and keep her with her parents, you know it's nice when you do the count and can see that there are positive outcomes. And of course the data that we generate helps us apply for more continuum of care funding to be able to provide these services."