15 Jan 2015

Agency says refugees are taking up opportunities on Nauru

8:33 am on 15 January 2015

Several refugees resettled on Nauru have started businesses and are using their skills in the community, according to the new contractors assisting with resettlement.

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Photo: AFP

About 400 asylum seekers have so far gained refugee status on Nauru under Australia's offshore processing policy and released from its detention camps into the community.

The Australia-based agency Ames is a partner in a consortium which has taken over from Save the Children in resettling the refugees.

Ames' Chief Operating Officer Belinda McLennan says a number of them can contribute positively to the Nauruan community.

"We've had a couple of our clients already start their own businesses on the island, one of the clients on the island is beginning to do some work in the schools based on their previous experience. We have quite a lot of people who have professional skills in areas like accounting, engineering, there's a dental assistant."

Ms McLennan says another 700 refugees are expected to be released and settled on Nauru over the next year.