15 Jan 2015

American Samoa eyes own airline

6:19 am on 15 January 2015

American Samoa is exploring the possibility of establishing a local airline to fly between Pago Pago, Hawaii and the US mainland.

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Photo: AFP

In his state of the territory address, the governor says the present relationship with Hawaiian Airlines is not helping efforts to develop and expand the tourism industry.

Thus, steps are being taken to explore the establishment of a second airline that is more sensitive to the development needs of American Samoa.

The governor, Lolo Moliga, points out that this issue has been raised continuously because the territory's air transportation options are confined to one airline which is more concerned with the bottom line instead of becoming a true community partner.

Lolo says another option is to explore the establishment of a new airline if Congress continues to hold that Ameircan Samoa comply with the cabotage policy.

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