14 Jan 2015

Sport: PNG conscious of Pacific Games legacy

1:13 pm on 14 January 2015

The Pacific Games Council says organisers of this year's event in Port Moresby are working hard to deliver a top event, but also have an eye on the future.

PNG were awarded the hosting rights in 2009 but delays early in the process saw construction and planning fall close to two years behind schedule.

Progress around the completion of venues and accommodation is now on track to be ready for the July start-date, although officials acknowledge it will be a tight finish.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, says the government and sporting stakeholders in PNG have been very supportive and have big goals.

"I think they've got some really good positive long-term ambitions for their country and sport - not just to host a good games this year in 2015 but perhaps being able to host other major championship events in the years to follow. There's lots of opportunities to host Oceania regional championships and perhaps one day even to think about doing something like a Commonwealth Games. They are putting a lot of money and effort into their venues and one of the pleasing things for us, in terms of legacy, is that they're also putting a lot of thinking and resources behind what comes after the 2015 [Pacific] Games, in terms of keeping those venues in good condition".