7 Jan 2015

American Samoa policeman waits for bullets to be removed from head

7:30 am on 7 January 2015

In American Samoa, a police officer who was shot multiple times, is waiting to see who will foot his medical bills to enable him to fly off-island to have pellets removed from his head.

Time Loia was one of three police officers shot at in a police vehicle in Lepuapua during a routine patrol in late December 2014.

It's believed the weapon was a shot gun, and he was was injured in the head, shoulder and chest with.

Up to nine pellets were lodged in his body, five have been removed but four remain, some of them in his head.

Mr Loia's father in law, Vaiausia Eliko Yandall, has expressed frustration that there's been no firm commitment over who will pay the officer's medical bills.

He's adamant however, that the officer will be on a plane to Honolulu tomorrow, as they cannot wait while the government goes back and forth on who will pay for the treatment.

Vaiausia is also upset that the Department of Public Safety had not made any arrangements to offer psychological counseling for his son in law and the other two officers who were with him when the shooting occurred.