30 Dec 2014

Bougainville tournament erupts after sorcery accusations

6:48 pm on 30 December 2014

A youth sports tournament in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville turned sour after an argument erupted over accusations of sorcery.

The commander of the Buin police station told New Dawn FM that police were alerted to the incident over the weekend after a losing team accused the other team of using sorcery to win the game.

Senior sergeant John Popui says some of the youths who took part in the fight were armed with knives but nobody was seriously injured.

Mr Popui says after attending the fight, police were then confronted with a road block and held at gunpoint by locals.

However, he says none of his officers were injured.

Bougainville's acting police commissioner, Paul Kamuai, says youth need to accept there will always be a winner and loser in any competitive game.