30 Dec 2014

Curfew expansion call after American Samoa shooting

6:48 pm on 30 December 2014

A chief from the village where a policeman was shot in American Samoa says district curfews should now be expanded.

The police officer was in a vehicle with two others when the shooting occurred early Monday morning in the Lepuapuea-Leone area.

The Governor has asked traditional leaders to call a district meeting to reinforce their duties such as village policing.

Village Chief Faiivae Alex Godinet says when shots were fired at the Leone police station earlier this year the council implemented a curfew around the station.

Faaivae says the latest shooting happened in an area not covered by the curfew and he will ask that it be included.

He says the latest shooting has angered locals.

"It's just like someone coming right in my backyard and do this kind of thing and it makes the village council feel that we're so small. It doesn't sit easily with us because these people think that oh we can just come around and do this. The Village Council has stepped up and we are gonna make sure that we can tackle these kind of problems."

Faiivae Alex Godinet.