23 Dec 2014

Puna labels Cooks Democrats desperate

5:11 pm on 23 December 2014

The Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna has broken his silence on claims by the Democratic Party that it believes it can remove his government from power.

The Cook Islands Party has 11 seats with 12 held by a coalition of the Democrats with the One Cook Islands Movement.

The Cook Islands News reports that in a rare public statement Mr Puna says his position as Prime Minister is clear and stable.

He has called the actions by the Democratic Party desperate.

Mr Puna says his party is aware that the Democrats offered One Cooks Islands Teina Bishop the Prime Minister's post along with a Ministerial post for George Maggie.

He says this is a sign the Democrats want to get into Government at all costs, even though they are aware that a police investigation involving Mr Bishop is still pending.

Mr Bishop is facing investigation on allegations of bribery and misconduct during his time as Minister of Marine Resources.