17 Dec 2014

Fiji to get road repairs and more rural roads

4:26 pm on 17 December 2014

The Fiji Roads Authority says it is focusing on repairing river-crossings after recent flooding, especially where designs have been proven wanting.

The CEO, Neil Cook, says crossings were washed out in the Central Division despite solid bridges being unaffected.

In the wake of the announcement of an increase in funding from the Asian Development Bank, Mr Cook says a priority will be better designs at river crossings.

Mr Cook says US$20 million will also be spent on rural roads.

"We tend to not quite appreciate just how fundamental roads are because our road networks are so well-developed in other countries and the difference it can make for people from being even a kilometre from a road rather than ten kilometres is substantial. It can mean the difference from getting down to market and back home in a day or having to take two to three days to make that journey."

Neil Cook says there is a landslip north of Korovou that is a threat to the main highway, but there is a temporary solution and constant work on the road's repair.