16 Dec 2014

Call for good management of China grant to Tonga

9:31 am on 16 December 2014

Concerns have been raised in Tonga at the management of large funds such as a new US$16 million aid grant from China.

The grant was organised when China's leader Xi Jinping met with a number of Pacific leaders last month in Fiji.

Tongan publisher Kalafi Moala says such a grant will be useful and there are many sectors that could benefit.

He says some earlier grants have been squandered and there is a strong feeling in Tonga that this money has to be properly managed.

"So the news that there is some money given to us, it is OK, but the question is, how is it going to affect the man on the street, how is it going to affect our poor families and those that are having difficulties, and that depends on good management. It doesn't depend on how much money we get."

Kalafi Moala in Tonga.