12 Dec 2014

Samoa fish loin plant a competition threat

11:10 am on 12 December 2014

The owners of American Samoa's new cannery are worried about the competition a planned fish loining plant in Samoa will pose.

Our correspondent says government sources in Apia indicate a review of the Bumble Bee project by fisheries and environmental officials is in progress, though construction has not yet begun.

Tri Marine International is due to open Samoa Tuna Processors in American Samoa's Atu'u next month.

Its chief operating officer, Joe Hamby, says they don't expect the Samoa plant's operating capacity will be that great, but it still poses a concern.

"I'm actually quite concerned that we'll have issues with competing against that plant which is being subsidised by the government. It's going to be in a place where they don't have the United States Coastguard enforcing regulations on the boats that call in Pago. That's an advantage that Apia has."

Joe Hamby says however they expect to attract more workers to their cannery as they pay a higher wage than in Samoa.