19 Dec 2014

Opposition says FijiTV pressured to back decree

3:02 pm on 19 December 2014

The parliamentary opposition in Fiji says it believes FijiTV is under pressure to endorse the government's controversial television decree.

TV aerials


Politicians have been discussing a decree requiring significant events to be broadcast across all channels after coverage of the Dubai Sevens was lost because the sport's governing body objected to it overriding broadcast rights.

A letter, signed by FijiTV, which holds the rights, supporting the law has since been posted on the government website.

An opposition MP Bill Gavoka says the letter should be seen in a greater context.

"We don't think that letter represents the true view of FijiTV. There are a number of things there that are not true. FijiTV has only been given a six-monthly permit to operate whereas the other rival television stations have six years so these guys are under a lot of duress to write something like that. We are questioning the veracity of that letter."

Another Sevens tournament is being held in South Africa this weekend with the television feed again expected to be withheld.

Last year, FijiTV was reportedly threatened with losing its licence if it failed to accede to the wish of the regime leader and sack a senior sports journalist over a comment in a broadcast.