11 Dec 2014

Water problems in Suva continue

7:27 am on 11 December 2014

Fiji's Water Authority says the impact of a landslide affecting water supply to the Suva area is worse than it first thought.

Initially the damage to two main trunk lines washed out after recent heavy rain in the Savura Hills was estimated to affect nearly 67,000 customers but the Authority now says the disruptions are more widespread.

The Water Authority says urgent work is also underway on temporary repairs to the collaspsed main wastewater trunk line carrying sewage from Suva to the wastewater treatment plant.

The Authority's head Opetaia Ravai says he hopes the repairs to the Suva water supply will be complete by this weekend but the sewage line is expected to take two weeks to fix.

Suva's hospital has had to reduce services to cope with the intermittent water supply problem.

Flood waters in the Central Division.

Flood waters in the Central Division. Photo: Fiji Ministry of Information