10 Dec 2014

Water storage advice in Fiji

2:37 pm on 10 December 2014

Fiji's Water Authority is now advising some of its customers in the capital to store water after a major landslide in the Savura Hills interrupted supply following recent heavy rain.

Flood waters in the Central Division.

Flood waters in the Central Division. Photo: Fiji Ministry of Information

The landslide has washed away two main trunk lines, resulting in significant loss of supply to a large part of the Suva area and the authority is asking residents in Namadi Heights and Cunningham to store their own water.

The Water Authority is advising customers to boil drinking water.

It says supplies will now be carted in by tanker to the affected areas until the pipes can be replaced.

Up to 70,000 people have been affected and the Colonial War Memorial Hospital is experiencing a disruption to its services as a result of the water crisis.

Roading authorities are warning that some river crossings are flooded, bridge approaches are washed away and roads are closed in the Central and Western Divisions after continuing heavy rain today.