10 Dec 2014

Volunteers in Pacific 'need wage support'

1:42 pm on 10 December 2014

A human rights meeting in Auckland has been told that donors can achieve more in the Pacific by paying a wage to committed volunteers.

A Country Director with the British Council New Zealand, Ingrid Leary, says she would like to see sponsored projects running longer and being linked with other projects so that there is better continuity.

Ms Leary, who is a former investigative journalist and is now working on projects addressing domestic violence, says there are many passionate workers in the Pacific and they can be more effective if they are given grants or a wage.

"Some of the best work in the Pacific is being done by very committed and very capable individuals who are working in a volunteer capacity because of their passion and their commitment. Those people need wages so that systems can be created to support their commitment."

Ingrid Leary spoke at the Pacific Business Breakfast Meeting in Auckland organised by Massey University.