10 Dec 2014

Sport: American Samoa football filmmakers help with kits

1:28 pm on 10 December 2014

The American Samoa football team will receive a helpful boost this week as a new playing strip is released this week, by the award-winning documentary team that filmed them over two years.

The film Next Goal Wins won best documentary on Monday night at the British Independent Film Awards.

The film tracks the team's journey from the world's worst team and a world record 31-0 loss to Australia, to finally triumphing over Tonga 2-1 in 2011.

The co-director of the film, which was released in April, Steve Jamison, says they have also designed and produced new kits for the team to wear.

"And so that people are able to support them in more ways than one in their next qualifiers next year so all the proceeds from selling any shirts to fans goes towards paying for the actual shirts for the team themselves to play in in in the next World Cup qualifiers."

Steve Jamison says he is amazed at the global appeal of the film and they did not expect the prestigious award.

Players huddle in 'Next Goal Wins'

Players huddle in 'Next Goal Wins' Photo: nextgoalwinsmovie.com