9 Dec 2014

Fiji opposition to continue with boycotts

9:10 am on 9 December 2014

The Fiji opposition intends to continue with its boycott strategy over the Budget after it walked out of parliament on Monday.

Fiji's Members of Parliament

Fiji's Members of Parliament Photo: Fiji Department of Information

The opposition's whip, Ratu Isoa Tikoca, says the document should have been changed because it is full of errors.

He says, as it stands, the Budget is unconstitutional.

Ratu Isoa says in the absence of the opposition, the document was pushed through parliament yesterday in just on 90 minutes, even though parliament was to consider it all week.

He says while the consequential debates on the money bill begin today (Tues) the opposition will again boycott.

"It will be the order paper that requires us to sit in parliament at 9.30. We will do that and attend to questions and the minutes and as soon as the money bill is to be discussed, we will walk out again, because we do not want to be part of that illegal document."

Ratu Isoa Tikoca.