5 Dec 2014

ADB says 'moveable assets' key to Pacific prosperity

8:21 am on 5 December 2014

The Asian Development Bank says unlocking the value of what's called 'moveable assets' is the key to boosting prosperity in the Pacific.

Moveable assets are classified as anything owned by an individual or a business, excluding land or buildings, and includes vehicles, machinery, crops or even future crops.

ADB economist, Paul Holden, says obtaining credit is difficult in many of the Pacific's developing countries.

Dr Holden says the solution lies in borrowers being able to use their movable assets as collateral for loans.

"It means that business is available to more people, it means they are able to access credit, they are able to grow their businesses and they are able to invest more, which is what prosperity is all about."

Paul Holden says most Pacific countries are working to a adopt a legal framework that allows for the use of moveable assets as collateral.