3 Dec 2014

Better medical transport needed for remote Fiji islands

7:23 pm on 3 December 2014

People living in the remote Yasawa Island group will have a new medical centre built.

Currently a small and run-down facility on Nacula island has one doctor and nurse on hand for over 3,000 people.

As the new centre won't be ready for another two years, the island's doctor is also asking for some repairs to the current building.

But the village head man of Vuaki village on Matacawalevu island, Etuate Ratudradra, says a bigger problem is getting to the centre, with remote villages relying on tides, and having enough fuel.

"Sometimes we have problems with boats and fuel. Like low tide, depends on the tides going in, going out. Depends on the fuel we have because we have supply in a week or two weeks, we have supply from the mainland to our village in the Yasawa group."

Etuate Ratudradra says the district school is on his island, with 200 students, but the nearest nurse is a half-hour boat trip away.

Yasawa Group, Fiji

Yasawa Group, Fiji Photo: AFP