3 Dec 2014

Interim Speaker says Tonga will have PM by Christmas

2:49 pm on 3 December 2014

The Interim Speaker in Tonga says a Prime Minister is likely to be appointed by Christmas with the official end of the election period to be declared this week.

Prime Minister's office, Tonga

Prime Minister's office, Tonga Photo: Supplied

Lord Tupou has called a meeting for elected representatives on Tuesday to brief them on the process of recommending a Prime Minister designate as well as Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House.

Tupou says he has met the Elections Office in the hope that loose ends could be tied up so the process could move on.

"I informed them of the importance of this being done this week to allow the process for the appointment of the Prime Minister to be completed by Christmas. The hold up is the likely application for a recount of the Ha'apai constituency where the difference was only three votes. This right ends the fourth of December. The result will then be finalised and the hopefully the Return of the Writs will then be issued."

The Elections Office says they have not received a recount application yet and will not be pursuing the matter if one isn't submitted by the end of tomorrow.