3 Dec 2014

Pacific fishing measures raise concerns

11:42 am on 3 December 2014

Calls from Pacific island countries to reduce catch rates for big eye tuna seems unlikely to get the support of some distant water nations.

Representatives of the Philippines and South Korea told reporters in Samoa, where the week long annual meeting of the Pacific Tuna Commission is underway, that it's too early to tell if conservation measures for big eye adopted by the Commission last year are effective.

The Philippines undersecretary for Fisheries, Asis Perez, says tuna doesn't grow in six months and it takes time to assess whether measures passed last year are working.

"The Philippines delegation is willing to cooperate with everybody ...but we should not rush into doing measures every year, changing measures every year or adding measures every year, simply because we are yet to see the results."

The Philippines undersecretary for Fisheries, Asis Perez.

Meanwhile, an official of a fishing company from South Korea, Silla Co Ltd takes the same position.

Silla Co Ltd owns purse seiners and longliners that fish in the Pacific.

Purse Seiner Team Manager, Anthony Kim, says while he supports a reduction in quotas for big eye catches, he feels it's too early to evaluate the effectiveness of existing measures.