2 Dec 2014

Guam Governor's Office says salary increases sustainable

4:30 pm on 2 December 2014

The Governor's Office in Guam says new political salaries, some increased by up to 45 percent, are affordable and at sustainable levels.

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Lawmakers approved a bill increasing Senators' salaries by nearly 40 percent to 85,000 US dollars.

The governor's salary is boosted by more than 44 percent to 130,000 dollars and his lieutenant's wages are up 29 percent to 110,000.

A spokesman Julius Santos says the salaries had not changed since 1991 so a raise was much overdue.

The only Senator to vote against the move says the increases shouldn't be occurring given the financial strife the island and its people are facing.

However Mr Santos says the administration is in a good position to implement the measures.

"The Governor has led a very strong administration over the last four years, pulling the island essentially out of a helter-skelter economy and pretty much managing the debt. We structured it and now we are able to manage it. Right now we are just experiencing the positive side effects. With regard to the pay raises, it's not like they were just arbitrarily passed. There is a long term projected budget for this so it is sustainable."