2 Dec 2014

Solomon official assures secrecy of ballot papers

7:18 am on 2 December 2014

Elections authorities in the Solomon Islands have sought to assure voters in the recent election their ballot papers are secure.

The Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu says during campaigning some candidates told voters they would be able to find out who they voted for.

He says this is not the case and stressed it is a criminal offence to find out how voters have cast their ballot.

A ballot paper in Solomon Islands

A ballot paper in Solomon Islands Photo: RNZI

Mr Haununu says all votes cast are being kept under tight security in the capital Honiara.

Ballot papers must be kept for one month in case they are needed to determine an election petititon.

They are then destroyed.

Mr Haununu also stressed the ballot papaers had new security features this year to ensure privacy.