1 Dec 2014

NZ documentary critiques climate change politics

11:48 am on 1 December 2014

A New Zealand investigative documentary maker says efforts to get international treaties on climate change are being used as a delaying tactic by corporate lobbyists.

Alister Barry's film 'Hot Air' critiques climate change politics and the failure of New Zealand politicians and the media to address the issue.

He says his film shows the huge influence corporate interests have in dictating the nature of the debate and policies surrounding climate change.

Mr Barry says change needs to happen at a national level.

"It is possible to see all that energy that is being put into trying to get international agreements negotiated, as a diversion funded and promoted by the carbon barons of this world. Trying to get international treaties has been a distraction and a delaying tactic."

Alister Barry says the New Zealand government is not doing enough and Pacific states could put diplomatic pressure on New Zealand to do more.