28 Nov 2014

Cook Islands outer islands ignored - MP

7:30 am on 28 November 2014

The Cook Islands opposition finance spokesperson says economic development and shipping needs for the outer islands continues to be ignored.

The Murienua constituency MP James Beer has raised the issue in light of the government's intention to spend about one point two million US dollars on its 50th independence celebrations.

Mr Beer says the spend is excessive considering the celebrations bring no real benefit to islands in the northern and southern groups.

He says the country has been talking for years about getting a purpose built ship that tourists could use to visit the outer islands, but the money is spent elsewhere.

"We have this situation where, despite the fact that we have got some good intentions to get things going for the northern group and the southern group - for eco-tourism and for people to go on these vessels with comfortable quarters. Unfortunately it's been a lot of talk, and unfortunately a lot of that happens in the Cook Islands, there's a lot of talk but very little action on all these important things that need to be done."

The Cook Islands Democratic Party's finance spokesperson, James Beer.