27 Nov 2014

Officers' Ebola threat to Fiji low - WHO

8:51 am on 27 November 2014

The World Health Organistation says the risk of Ebola arriving in Fiji via peacekeepers returning from Liberia is very low.

Last week Fiji's Ministry of Health said the 27 officers will not be quarantined and will monitor themselves for signs of Ebola for three weeks when they come home at the end of the month.

The WHO's Dr Eric Nilles says the Ministry's plans are well considered and follow standard recommendations for low risk individuals coming from a country with widespread transmission like Liberia.

He says unless they are in direct contact with an Ebola patient, or somebody who died of suspected Ebola or have some other high risk factor, then self monitoring body temperature for three weeks is the policy.

"From WHO's perspective the risk of imported Ebola from these peacekeepers is very low."

Dr Nilles says all the Pacific countries have clear plans in place for managing the Ebola threat and further infection control training is planned for next week.