27 Nov 2014

Final Solomons coalitions expected tomorrow

5:37 am on 27 November 2014

Lobbying continues today in Solomon Islands where political parties are wooing independent MPs to join their ranks because they currently outnumber Party MPs by two to one.

The President of the Kadere Party of Solomon Islands, Alfred Legua, says promises of future positions in government and tens of thousands of dollars in cash are being offered to individual MPs by various parties.

Mr Legua says he expects coalition agreements to be finalised this week and a date set for the prime ministerial elections next week.

"The latest would be Friday, by Friday the Governor General will have to call for a meeting. There will be a meeting called to elect the Prime Minister by Friday, I believe."

However government house officials say an election for the Prime Minister will only be called once Parliament confirms that all MPs have arrived in the capital and the Political Parties Commission has received signed coalition agreements from party groupings.