26 Nov 2014

Claim Vanuatu govt MPs got money too

2:54 pm on 26 November 2014

One of the 16 opposition MPs suspended from the Vanuatu parliament over alleged bribery says government MPs have also used what he calls a development fund.

The Prime Minister moved the successful suspension motion, alleging the MPs contravened the Leadership Code in accepting monetary offers from the opposition leader Moana Carcasses.

But Kalfau Moli says using the fund shouldn't be seen as bribery as he had supported an ongoing no-confidence motion in the government well before applying for the money.

Mr Moli also alleges that government members and even the Prime Minister have borrowed money from Carcasses before.

"The loan from the fund that is done, a lot of people have borrowed money from that fund, even Vanua'aku Pati members of parliament. That is to assist their constituency. They have a facility that can assist MPs, therefore several of us have opted to use that fund."

Vanuatu opposition MP Kalfau Moli