26 Nov 2014

Not enough support for children with disabilities in Samoa

9:50 am on 26 November 2014

Samoa's first disabled Lawyer to be admitted to the bar says local NGO's are doing more to support children with disabilities than the government.

30 year old Susana Leota who is short sighted and was born with the birth defect Spina Bifida, says she is pleased with the appointment of UNICEF's new Pacific Ambassador for children.

The 27 year old Ambassador from Fiji, Krishneer Sen, who is also deaf, will have a special focus on children with disabilities.

Susana Leota says support for children with disabilities should be driven by government policies, but it is the local NGO's who are doing the most work.

"They're really pushing, not just for equality but for better opportunities for children in everything from schooling to sports. Yeah it's really interesting and it's quite heart warming to see that the NGO's are pushing it. And government, while they are working, they're not working fast enough."

Susana Leota.