25 Nov 2014

Independent Solomons' MPs criticised

3:30 pm on 25 November 2014

Questions are being asked in Solomon Islands why some MPs ran in last week's election as independents despite backing a law requiring MPs to belong to registered parties.

32 of the 50 seats in the new parliament have been won by independents who will now be forced to join a political party.

The People's Alliance Party president, former Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, says if MPs go to the polls as individuals it raises questions about their commitment to being national leaders.

He says the results have caused uncertainty among the people about the legislation's intention but he says it can still bring political stability to Solomon Islands.

"If there are loopholes, those loopholes need to be addressed and re-aligned so as to make the law become a mechanism that provides stability. And I would like to say to Solomon Islanders 'Let us make our home Solomon Islands our pride, because this is the future'"