24 Nov 2014

Sport: Rugby Players' Association says action required on Samoa

2:16 pm on 24 November 2014

The International Rugby Players' Association hopes to begin formal dialogue with the Samoa Rugby Union in the coming days, in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issues between the Union and Manu Samoa players.

Last month a group of senior players raised concerns regarding the governance and management of the SRU and threatened to boycott Sunday morning's test against England.

The strike was averted following intervention from World Rugby and the Players Association, and the Manu were beaten 28-9 at Twickenham.

SRU officials failed to attend two meetings over the past week, saying there was a mix-up over the dates.

The Executive Director of the International Players Association, Rob Nicol, says the players main concerns relate to the governance of the Samoa Rugby Union, the relationship between the players and the Union, development and pathways for local players and having confidence that team selections are made on merit.

"Make no mistake about it there's some outcomes that are required. From a players perspective, I think they want an outcome that results in them having confidence in the governance and administration of the national union. That's been an area of frustration in the past and they don't want to lead into a World Cup next year and various fundraising activities and then have the mistakes of 2011 repeat themselves so this is about being proactive and sorting it out before we end up in a same-old same old".

Rob Nicol says the players want to step up and contribute to the future of Samoan rugby but don't feel a partnership between the players and the SRU currently exists.