24 Nov 2014

Nauru camps irk hundreds of locals

1:08 pm on 24 November 2014

A Nauruan photojournalist, Clint Deidenang, says there is a significant minority opposed to the presence of Australia's asylum seekers on the island.

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Photo: RNZ

Nauru houses more than 1,000 of Australia's asylum seekers and more than 100 have been declared refugees and now live and work in the community.

His comment comes after a threatening letter was distributed demanding the refugees leave their jobs, stop wandering around the island and fraternising with Nauruan women.

It says they should go away or bad things will happen and came after a series of serious assaults on refugees.

Mr Deidenang says most want the camps but not all.

"The case is most Nauruans love having the camps on Nauru because of the employment and the financial boost, the financial benefits to the island. Only less than five percent don't agree with the camps and I am one of the five percent."

Clint Deidenang says Nauru is not able to cope with the multicultural pressures brought by the presence of the refugees.

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