24 Nov 2014

Guam high school fights a concern

7:42 am on 24 November 2014

The Speaker of the House in Guam has called an urgent round-table meeting to discuss the growing problem of fights in high schools on island.

Judith Won Pat is also the chair of the Committee on Education and Public Libraries and Women's Affairs.

She decided to organise Friday's meeting after receiving calls from concerned parents and viewing YouTube videos of high-school fights including one in which a boy is seen slamming a girl's head against concrete.

Ms Won Pat says the issue needs to be dealt with immediately.

"A couple of years back there was a fight that did happen in one of our high schools and it ultimately lead to the death of a young boy and we don't want to find ourselves down there again so therefore I want to try and address this problem before it gets any worse."

Ms Won Pat hopes to have police, court personnel and Mixed Martial Arts fighters at the meeting to discuss the consequences of fighting.

She is also calling for more CCTV cameras to be put in schools.