19 Nov 2014

Tonga arrest over Chinese killing

6:57 pm on 19 November 2014

Tonga's police chief, Grant O'Fee, says they are delighted to have made an arrest in connection with the killing of a Chinese businessman nine months ago.

The killing of the 31- year old shopkeeper on February the 20th came after the murder of another Chinese businessman in 2012 led to an arrest at the beginning of this year.

Mr O'Fee says police do not believe there is any link between the two cases.

He says it has been a difficult protracted inquiry and they are very pleased to have a result.

"It was a combination of many avenues of inquiry that we just had to chase up. It was just one of those things, we had to be a little bit patient with people who were not always in the Kingdom, so we had to wait for various people to come back, so yeah it was a rather difficult, protracted inquiry, I know it is a little awkward but I can't go into more detail than that. I'm afraid."