19 Nov 2014

Fiji firm suing AG and media over report

12:29 pm on 19 November 2014

Two companies in Fiji are suing the country's Auditor General of what they say are false statements in a recently-published report.

Aliz Pacific, a chartered accountancy and auditing firm, as well as the hardware firm RC Manubhai, have accused the Auditor General of public dissemination of false information, causing "huge reputational damage".

An advertisement in the Fiji Sun newspaper also demands apologies from the Fiji Times, Fiji Village, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and the economist and commentator Wadan Narsey, for publishing the report's information.

The firm says the Auditor General has failed to seek clarification before publishing its report.

RC Manubhai says it strongly denies it failed to deliver any goods that were paid for - an accusation that also emerged in the report.

The report also criticised the government for using Aliz Pacific to pay ministerial wages rather than the Ministry of Finance.