18 Nov 2014

People to face law over Vanuatu sorcery killings

9:51 pm on 18 November 2014

Vanuatu police say up to 40 people could end up being arrested for the killing of two people over allegations of sorcery on the island of Akaham.

Acting commissioner Aru Maralau says two people were hanged over the weekend.

Mr Mr Maralau says some individuals have already been identified and arrests could follow.

He says police have been sent to the island and the culprits will be held accountable.

"They are still there and they are still doing the investigation and I'm sure, it won't be very long (before) they'll be arresting those directly killed those two persons and whoever is associated or aiding and abetting that particular offence."

It not the first time that people in local communities have tried to punish people they believed were conducting sorcery.

A few years ago, people on the island of Maewo cut two people into pieces after they were suspected of committing witchcraft.

Earlier this year police stopped villages in East Efate from drowning an alleged sorcerer.