17 Nov 2014

Guam government website hacked

3:44 pm on 17 November 2014

A top government official website in Guam has been hacked by people claiming to be a part of the activist hacking group AnonGhost.

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A message was posted on the Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio's website calling Mr Tenorio and the Governor "cowards" and asking them to tell President Obama that "Khilafah is very soon".

A Khilafah or Caliphate is a form of islamic political leadership.

The Governor's cybersecurity assistant Wil Castro says despite the claim, there has been no validation that AnonGhost is responsible for the hack.

Mr Castro says although no sensitive material was accessed, the attack is alarming.

"It raises the level of awareness. We're in the midst of a review of the Governor establishing the Cybersecurity Working Group which is an inter-agency working group. We acknowledge the threat, we know that there's growing concerns relative to cybersecurity and the government is taking proactive steps to build the necessary infrastructure and intellectual capital necessary to address future steps."

Guam's Bureau of Statistics was also hacked and the Tongan government has had to repair its Ministry of Infrastructure website because the page was replaced by a AnonGhost graphic.