14 Nov 2014

PNG PM admonished over spending

4:30 pm on 14 November 2014

Papua New Guinea's Triumph Heritage Empowerment party has called on the government to broaden infrastructure investment beyond road building in Port Moresby and Lae.

The party's leader, Don Polye, says the prime minister, Peter O'Neill, is on a spending spree and it is extremely difficult to ascertain the sources of income as such are not reflected in the budget.

Mr Polye says exorbitant contracts were awarded to preferred companies and most of the funds have gone into what he calls 'elephants' trunks' that for unknown reasons are unaccounted for.

He has warned Mr O'Neill to be careful in whatever he says in regional and international meetings as PNG's standing within the region and in international affairs has been put into jeopardy by his actions.

The member for Kandep in PNG, Don Polye.

The member for Kandep in PNG, Don Polye. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades