12 Nov 2014

Indonesian policeman sold ammunition to rebels

10:58 am on 12 November 2014

An Indonesian policeman has been dismissed for selling ammunition to an armed civilian group in Papua.

First Brigadier Tanggam Jikwa was found guilty of violating ethics and discipline after being arrested on Sunday in Wamena in the remote Papua region, while he met with rebel leaders.

The Jakarta Post reports Tanggam was caught selling 29 rounds of ammunition worth about $280 US dollars.

The Nduga Police officers later found 231 rounds of assault rifle ammunition when they searched Tanggam's house.

In April, Tanggam sold 18 rounds of ammunition to the group, from which he earned $50 US dollars.

Tanggam admitted to the charges, saying he was forced to befriend the group in the hope that he could get back a firearm he lost in the area last year.

Tanggam will also face charges at the Jayapura District Court.

Police say ammunition is being smuggled into the regions, and five suspected suppliers of ammunition and firearms were arrested police on Saturday.