10 Nov 2014

Suspended Nauru MPs await court's decision

2:20 pm on 10 November 2014

A group of MPs suspended from Nauru's parliament are waiting for Nauru's Supreme Court to deliver its decision over the legality of their expulsion.

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Photo: RNZ

Three opposition MPs were banned from Parliament in May and another two, former president Sprent Dabwido and Squire Jeremiah, were suspended in June for behaving in what the Government claims was an unruly manner.

The pair had opposed the earlier suspensions of Roland Kun, Kieren Keke and Mathew Batsiua.

Mr Kun, who is currently living in New Zealand, says he is hopeful he will be able to return to parliament next year.

"If the court finds in our favour the court will be saying that our suspension is unconstitutional and so illegal and we should have access to parliament again. Whether the speaker will comply with the court decision is another thing [but] we expect the speaker to be complying."

Suspended Nauru MP Roland Kun says he hopes to hear back from the court before December.