3 Nov 2014

In Samoa, a fight to save historic German courthouse

7:29 pm on 3 November 2014

A Samoan architect in New Zealand is rallying support to save one of Samoa's most historically valued buildings.

This year marks a hundred years since New Zealand overthrew the German administration and the old German Courthouse is under threat of being replaced by a Chinese designed commercial building.

Lama Tone says locals in Apia are passionate about saving the building which was a significant landmark in Samoa's struggle for independence.

"That was a building where New Zealand raised its first flag. Not only that but more importantly, it was where the nine that fell, including the high chief at the time, Tamasese, who was shot there in the corner steps there. So it's very very significant in terms of history."

Lama Tone says locals have been trying to raise funds for a restoration project.