31 Oct 2014

Sport: Guam draws hundreds of mums to football

12:23 pm on 31 October 2014

Nearly 300 women have shown an interest in playing in the Guam Football Association's Soccer Moms League Fall season.

Not all the women have been placed teams yet but the GFA says it's by far the largest number of people who have turned up for registration in the league's past three seasons.

Women's Football Technical Director Cheri Stewart says it still has the potential to grow even more.

"It's still an untapped territory. We are only scratching the surface. I think that's the reason why we are kind of turning heads with the way the mum's league is being created here on Guam. I think it's serving a great purpose because it is giving these women an outlet. A place to play and to be social and also getting a dose of understanding of what their kids or their husbands are going through when they're on the field."

Cheri Stewart says the women are gaining a healthy respect for the sport.

GFA Women's Technical Director Cheri Stewart

GFA Women's Technical Director Cheri Stewart Photo: GFA