30 Oct 2014

UN report on PNG development to set out local solutions

9:01 am on 30 October 2014

The United Nations says there is a lot of good practice in Papua New Guinea, that needs to be scaled up in order to boost development.

The UN resident coordinator in PNG, Roy Trivedy, says continued growth in the extraction industries has not delivered a boost to employment and social conditions.

He says PNG's government is set to receive some new recommendations from the United Nations, with a development report due out next month.

"So based on evidence across the world, saying here is some of the best practice, if you want to ensure that there are better outcomes let's say for women and girls, these are some of the kinds of investments that we need to consider. If we want to ensure better outcomes in education, here are the kinds of things that we might need to think through."

Roy Trivedy says the report will be launched in Port Moresby in late November and then taken to the provincial areas, where many of the policy options should be considered by local leaders.