28 Oct 2014

Solomons party wants paramilitary police force

2:05 pm on 28 October 2014

The People's Alliance Party in Solomon Islands says it if comes to power in the next election, it will re-establish the country's paramilitary police force.

In a briefing in Honiara, the PAP says the force would be fully armed because it would be responsible for quelling riots and other behaviour that could threaten national security, unity and peace.

The party says it will negotiate with Israel to provide military training to members of a newly established paramilitary police force.

It says during the Bougainville civil war in neighbouring Papua New Guinea, the paramilitary police force proved its capability to defend the borders from intruding members of the PNG military in pursuit of secessionist rebels.

The Solomons police was disarmed in 2003 when the Regional Assistance Mission arrived at the invitiation of the then prime minister and PAP leader, Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The police force had been compromised because it had sided with Malaitan militants to dislodge the government in a coup in 2000.

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Photo: AFP