20 Oct 2014

Squatters evicted from Vanuatu airport area

8:59 pm on 20 October 2014

Police in Vanuatu have begun enforcing an eviction order against about 300 people living illegally near Port Vila's airport.

Efate custom landowners were granted an eviction order to have the residents -- who began residing there in 2006 -- removed from the settlement area called 'Destination'.

The acting police commissioner, Aru Maralau says after years of applying for stay orders in court, the residents knew that this day would eventually come.

Everything went smoothly and everybody was expecting this, even though children are affected and the mothers - but some of them were already out on their field with the nails so today was not a big job for us.

Aru Maralau says the homes will now be demolished.

One of the residents, Jeffrey Owen, says families who have no place to go have put their belongings on the main road while awaiting government assistance.